The goal of the Bilingualism in the Hispanic and Lusophone world (BHL) conference is to bring together researchers working on different aspects of bilingualism in the Hispanic and Lusophone world. Hence, the BHL is dedicated to research in any area related to bilingualism, including theoretical linguistics, sociolinguistics, language contact, second language and bilingual acquisition, heritage languages, communication, education, and psycholinguistics. By bringing together researchers from different perspectives we are able to share new insights regarding methodology and get a better understanding of bilingualism.

The BHL is a biannual international conference, initiated by Antje Muntendam (Florida State University) and M. Carmen Parafita Couto (Leiden University). The first BHL conference was held 14-16 January 2015 at Leiden University in the Netherlands. The organizing committee included Kate Bellamy, Mike Child, Paz González, Antje Muntendam and M Carmen Parafita Couto. The keynote speakers were Albert Costa (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Giuli Dussias (Penn State University), Pieter Muysken (Radboud University), Jason Rothman (University of Reading), Rafael Salaberry (Rice University), and Scott Schwenter (Ohio State University). The conference brought together participants from universities in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. An edited volume with selected papers from the conference will appear in the Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics Series by John Benjamins.

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